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Chinese Dragon Part II

I had to fix my dragon model recently, it was falling apart from moving and of course it got very dusty since it's almost 5 years old now. I took some close up pictures.

Putting the spiral in, starting at the arch in the back and slowly rotate it in place towards the neck.
Mouth, the whisker is bend inside so it will stay put. Unfortunately forgot to take picture before gluing the ball in, and the camera can't take picture any closer than this. iIf you look at it in person, you can actually see the tong, which is the single piece that connects the head and the spine/neck, and only piece where you can see the red side of the fold.
Back of the head, head is made with top and bottom sections, basically 2 slightly bended triangles and jabbed together, almost impossible without glue.
Tail, the body is pretty straight forward. I took two passes when assembling, first time to try it out and figure out where the arches should be, second time to glue it.
Head, the head by it self is not too difficult. This model in theory is possible to do with out glue, but there are too many parts that are joined by only one piece of triangle, so will probably fall apart even if you just breathed on it. I lost one of the 2 original eyes, and I couldn't find replacement that was exactly the same size, so now it has slightly larger new pair of eyes. For the whiskers, make sure you straighten the wires, pulling it back and forth around some sort of metal edge or rod, before bending them into the desired curve.
I have seen few other dragon models, but none as good as this one. This model came from a kit with instruction in Korean, you can probably find the kit in most Chinatown stationary/gift stores.

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